The Baltimore City Opportunity Youth Collaborative is committed to weaving together a seamless network to align responsive supports and real pathways to opportunities in education, industry, and enterprise to serve approximately 2,000 youth over the next 4 years.

Aspen Institute's Forum for Community Solutions has awarded the Baltimore City Opportunity Youth Collaborative funding from its Opportunity Youth Incentive Fund to reconnect out-of-school and out-of-work youth back into the economic life of Baltimore. The BCOYC is a cross-sector collaborative of government agencies, service providers, educational institutions, employers, and non-profits. This Collaborative is engaged in a collective impact effort to connect or reconnect Baltimore’s opportunity youth to the economic life of Baltimore by creating and enhancing pathways into post-secondary education, credentialing, and careers leading to family-supporting wages.

This strategy focuses heavily on relationship-building and a community organizing approach to access existing programs, pathways, and services, and partner with organizations to streamline what is in existence, link networks, reduce duplication, and expand the pie while limiting competition for scarce resources.